DCraw mobile

... dcraw for Androidâ„¢

DCraw mobile is a porting of the famous program dcraw for the Android platform.

The original dcraw is the only open source program continuously updated by the author Dave Coffin to support new digital cameras. Its only purpose is to decode raw digital photos made by enthusiast or professional cameras. As almost every manufacturer created a proprietary format for saving pixel data and accompanying metadata, this evolved in tenths of different "raw formats": thus there is no one "raw image" but different raw formats (ex: NEF,CR2,ARW etc). While JPEG is a worldwide well known format for sharing images, it has several limits when it's time to elaborate or correct even any simple error while trying to preserve the best quality.

Sometimes it's better to start from original raw data that are similar to a photo negative. Dcraw does not aim to offer the best and most comprehensive solution for developing raw images, but is certainly very quick to support new cameras, and has been considered a reference by many many programs for developing digital photos.

With original dcraw code (a 'C language' written program for desktop PC), it is possible to extract embedded thumbnail of a raw or developing the whole full resolution photo using a command line in a window console; the result is a TIFF or ppm file.

This porting for Android, while retaining most parameters, shows a more useful GUI for handheld devices. Very little has been changed in the code. Only JPEG output has been added (with quality parameter) for convenience of visualizing with already installed viewers.

v 0.7.5 Release notes:

  • Bugfix

v 0.7.0beta Release notes:

  • DCraw 9.27
  • Multi selection
  • Colorsubsampling option

v 0.6.4 Release notes:

  • Tablet layout for browser
  • Bugfix

v 0.6.3 Release notes:

Added half resolution optionBugfix


To use DCraw mobile select the input file, choose preferred options and then click the button "Save".

Wait for the conversion to end:  after conversion the installed viewer for jpeg ( or TIFF if installed) will show the converted image.

In menu preferences there is the option to disable automatic view of the result and update of the gallery database.


Original dcraw is a command line program: you can build it yourself, but if you are not skillfull in programming,

you can download here an already compiled version for Windows.